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About ABC For Me Preschool

Programs for 2-5-year-olds: Full day & half day options

Equip your child for elementary school in a secure play-based setting! ABC’s for Me Preschool establishes a strong base for future success by fostering cognitive, language, social, and physical skills. Our curriculum prioritizes hands-on learning and positive reinforcement, resonating with the diverse realm of curious, imaginative, and communicative young minds. Complimentary potty training included. Our afternoon sessions feature ongoing child development activities aligned with the curriculum.

ABC´s for Me Preschool

Address: 1700 Danbury Rd. Claremont CA 91711

Phone: (909) 971-3238

License no.: 198015976

NAEYC Accredited

About Lingo Stars

Dual-language Immersion Program

Four-Hour Program for Ages 2-5:

Introducing our dual-language immersion program! We prioritize teaching a second language to preschoolers while bolstering their native tongue. Both languages are interwoven in the classroom. Through daily activities, children spend 15 minutes learning the new language, with gradual increments to 60 minutes per day by the school year's conclusion.

Lingo Stars Dual-language Immersion Program

Address: 881 Syracuse AV, Claremont CA 91711

Phone: (909) 971-3238


Heritage After School Program

After-School Program: School's Out to 6pm (Extended until 7pm option, TK release time pickup available).

For Transitional Kindergarten to 3rd grade, as well as a dedicated room for 4th to 6th graders.

Our aim is to aid with homework, provide assignment tutoring, and notably, introduce a new foreign culture and language each month. We're committed to ensuring a valuable and enriching after-school experience for all children.

Heritage Afterschool Program

Address: 881 Syracuse AV, Claremont CA 91711

Phone: (909) 971-3238

Summer’s Academic Camp/Heritage

Interactive Curriculum

Both enriched in academic and hands-on learning, perfect for the Summer

Vast Nature Area

Enough room for children to run and explore their world

Academic Preparedness

Perfect balance of getting ahead of their acdemic game for their upcoming school year.

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Mission & Vision


The mission of Children's Source is twofold: to prepare preschool children for a successful transition to elementary school and to cultivate a nurturing environment that children and families can depend on for their well-being.


We ensure that all children receive age-appropriate curriculum, featuring hands-on learning activities that promote cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development within a positive and multicultural environment.


  1. Align with District Guidelines
  2. Family-Centered & Flexible
  3. Nurturing Atmosphere
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Complimentary Potty Training
  6. NAEYC Accreditation

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(909) 971-3238

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1700 Danbury Road, Claremont, CA 91711